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About Us

ISZODOG was born out of the passion I have for my dogs (Issi, Zoe, and Noah), and my lifelong desire to have my own business, I have a business degree, and have spent years working in sales for big companies making them money. My goal now is to make quality products that dogs (and other animals) and their owners will love, and use the proceeds to support my family and give to non-profit animal organizations by donating product and money to assist in their plight to care for animals and find them good homes.


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Launch Party

To launch our company we had a party and invited family and friends over to get their opinion on the ISZODOG Bandanas and Snuggle Pup-Totes - the feedback was very positive.

Pictured on left is Carmen wearing the Isodog Snuggle Pup-Tote, with Mocha and Zoe - what great models!



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Animal Non-Profits

ISZODOG had the opportunity to participate in the Maita “Drive Me Home” Animal Outreach event, and donated a portion of our proceeds to help raise money for the organization. We’re happy to hear from other animal non-profit organizations to discuss partnering in events to assist in raising money for the betterment of animals.

We are currently working on partnering with a local non-profit to assist in the support of their organization through donation of products and funds.


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Company Mission

To provide fun & stylish dog apparel and accessories that are affordable, look great and made to last.  Our products can be personalized with embroidery and made your pet’s own.  Our designs are unique, adding new twists to old concepts, and ones we know you and your dog will love!